Prayer of Lament and Confession

Sahali Fellowship shares our prayer of confession and lament in response to the discovery of the mass grave of 215 children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School. 

“God of All People,

We mourn the unthinkable loss of life and the pain that the discovery of 215 remains of children at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School represents.

Lord, help us to admit the truth. Children were forcibly removed from their families. The laughter of children was stolen from their communities. Thousands upon thousands of children never returned home. Many died separated from their families and buried far from their land. Communities were abused and permanently scarred.

We recognize that much of this was done by those who bear your name, Lord, who called themselves Christians. These atrocities were done by people like us. They profaned your name by claiming these actions were your will.

We confess, Lord, that we closed our eyes and hardened our hearts to these truths. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission noted that large numbers of Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools never returned to their home communities and became “Missing Children.” We’ve seen the pain in faces. Yet we haven’t listened to the pain of scarred families and abused communities. We haven’t opened our hearts to feel their pain. We haven’t sought forgiveness. We have not worked for healing.

Lord, forgive us.

Lord, we pray for your Spirit to help us seek healing and reconciliation both for ourselves and for others. Give comfort to all who mourn, openness to face and feel the pain, freedom through forgiveness, and strength for the work of righting wrongs.

In the Name of Jesus, Lord of the Nations, we pray. Amen.”

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